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Frequently Asked Questions

We do NOT send out invoices.  We make every attempt to contact you before your bill is due.  Enterprise Park, Inc. believes in corporate social responsibility including going paperless as much as possible. 
Great, question and the answer is we do measure all trailers from the rear bumper to the front hitch or in a 5th wheel from the rear bumper to the king pin hitch.  For all Class A and Class C motorhomes we measure from bumper to bumper.  Any RV with a spare tire or brush guard will also be included.  For all boats it is from the trailer hitch to the most rear item including propeller, swim platform, etc. 

We have made our billing more streamlined by offering two chocies 6 month or 12 month. Why some peaople like month to month we find it easier for the tentants and Enterprise Park to remember payment easier.  It also contributes to less paper and a more sustainable business practice. *** No refunds if you decide to move out before your lease agreement is finished. 
Enterprise Park, Inc. can accept all major credit cards with mag-stripe or chip.  We also accepts checks and cash.  Each transaction gets a receipt.