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Latest trends in access control for storage facilities

Latest trends in access control for storage facilities

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Latest trends in access control for storage facilities

Key takeaways
  • Using your cell phone or fingerprint as a credential is a growing trend
  • Eliminating proximity cards that look like other credentials is the future
  • Losing an access card happens fairly often and not the future
  • Having an LCD message on your access control can help visitors with instructions or advertising
  • Confirming with a camera on who is coming in is very important
  • Having an audit trail of who is coming in and out
I want to highlight a product by a company called 2N (2NUSA.com) who sells a modular gate entry system.

The picture above has several unique features. Starting from the upper left quadrant you have a IP 720P low light camera that is covert and verifies who is trying to get in and with what credential.  Moving to the lower left credential is a finger print reader.  This is especially important if you are a facility getting away from proximity cards. The upper right area is an LCD screen that can scroll messages or other type of advertising, specials, etc. it also has a touch pad that scrambles and directory to connect with employees. The lower right corner is a combination proximity card reader, Bluetooth and NFC compatibility.  

2N has feature called My2N which allows the capability for a visitor or tenant to punch the information button and have it ring ton one or multiple employees of the facility. From there the can release the gate if need be from their phone.

Tenants can download an app and also be able to unlock the gate ONLY when in range approximately 15' from the reader.  The main benefit of this is you don't have to roll down your window in non desirable weather and towing a large RV behind you this may come in really handy. 
Steve Darragh  About the author: Steve Darragh works at Enterprise Park, Inc. and is an RV and Boat owner. Through is 15 years of working at a EPI he has learned some best practices when it comes to storing your favorite toy. 
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