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Top 5 ways to protect your RV at a storage facility

Top 5 ways to protect your RV at a storage facility

RV Blog   /   Apr 4th, 2019   /   1 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
Top 5 ways to protect your RV

1.) Eliminate Temptations
  • Pull the shades
  • Get a safe
  • Possibly leave the shades open if you have nothing of value to prevent getting broken into
2.) Find the right security features
  • Trailer hitch lock
  • Siren that you can arm when the door opens.
  • Add a motion operated speaker
3.) Store your RV at a storage facility that invests in security
  • IP high definition security cameras
  • Access control gate (prevents users who no longer rent there
  • Have the ability to audit who comes in and out of the facility
  • Visit the facility at night to see how much light will be at your RV
  • See if there is no openings in the perimeter
  • Is there a representative at the facility on a regular basis
4.) Check on your RV regularly even in winter
  • Many times people don't visit there RV for months especially in the colder climate weather
  • Good to know your neighbors
  • After parking take pictures of condition and supplies in case something comes up missing or damaged
  • Report any irregular activity or suspicious persons
5.) Protect from critters
  • Don't leave food behind once RV is stored
  • Set mouse traps out when done for the season
Steve Darragh  About the author: Steve Darragh works at Enterprise Park, Inc. and is an RV and Boat owner. Through is 15 years of working at a EPI he has learned some best practices when it comes to storing your favorite toy. 
  • I like the fact Enterprise Park has wide 12' spaces. The other storage facility I was at I couldn't even get my slide out open. I can walk around my whole travel trailer now. Prevents hiding spots.

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